Podcast On South Indian Tantric Practice And Tradition

Eavesdrop into Mohan's World and put your ear to the door of a first-class spiritual discussion. The program focuses on a wide variety of subjects—all rooted within in the Hindu diasporia, although Mohan-ji himself broadcasts from Dubai.

The last two episodes feature some heady discussions with one Shree Suryan Subrahmonian Bhattathiripad —the chief priest of Suryakaladimana— delving into traditional South Indian esoteric tantra. Quality teachings in a classically Indian style. Really good stuff.

Pooja at Suryakaladimana.
Tantra: Part 1

Tantra: Part 2

Here's a place to browse & play all the past episodes, and here's the main Mohan's World site.

Image: Pooja at Suryakaladimana.

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Spiros Antonopoulos

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Thu 15 Feb 2007 at 10:16AM

Isaac Murchie

>The program focuses on a wide variety of subjects�all
>rooted within in the Hindu diasporia, although Mohan-ji
>himself broadcasts from Dubai.

Umm... isn't Dubai outside of India? Wouldn't that make him part of the diaspora? Why the "although"?

Sun 07 Oct 2007 at 03:13AM


I am a person who love indian traditionals arts.I really like to thank you for your wonderfulwork plz carry on.

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